Top 100 Language Lovers and Top 25 Language Professionals Blogs, 2011: we’re well chuffed!

“Words to good effect” is one of the winning blogs (we came 3rd!!!) in the Top 25 Language Professionals Blogs 2011 competition organised by LexioPhiles and Bab.La. We came 30th overall in the Top 100 Language Lovers category. We’re totally chuffed!

A big Thank You to everyone who voted for us!

Top 25 Language Professionals Blogs 2011


By Marian Dougan

5 responses

    1. Thank you! I’ve commented on your blog to this not-at-all deserved accolade (if for no other reason — I’m anything but sweet). I’ll follow up your post — am thinking furiously about those random facts. I’ll have no problem finding seven irrestistible blogs — the problem will be to narrow the selection down.

      1. If it makes it easier, the original instructions said 15 blogs, but I wanted to make it a bit more exclusive and focused on the ladies.

  1. Congratulations, Marian. :) Very proud of you — your blog is awesome. Fantastic to meet you in Stirling. I’ve just realized — and I am mortified — that we had not previously linked to your blog from our blogroll. That’s now been corrected. Keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks, Judy, the feelings are reciprocated. I hadn’t linked to your blog either, but have now done so. I’ve been urging colleagues to catch your workshop if they get a chance — so much great advice!

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