Styling your style guide: Christmas gifts for stylish writing


Chicago Manual of Style, University of Chicago Press

The 16th edition of The Chicago Manual of Style (CMoS) was published this year. There are of course many wonderful style guides: some are listed here. But The CMoS is the one I’m after — just look at the lovely colours on that cover! (I’ve still got the orange 15th edition; I think this new one’s so much nicer). It’s available in book form or through online subscription.

The Chicago Manual of Style is the authoritative, trusted source that writers, editors, and publishers turn to for guidance on style and process.

With state-of-the-art recommendations on editorial style and publishing practices in the digital age, The Chicago Manual of Style is the must-have reference for everyone who works with words

A style-guide might not seem the most obvious choice for a Christmas present. But, as every fashionista knows, accessories are all. Here are a few gift suggestions that will complement the CMoS beautifully and inspire stylish lovers of language to wear their Manuals to gorgeous effect.

The items featured above are available from BoticcaCaradiazMatches, Net-a-PorterSleeks by Arosha and Essie. They range from eye-wateringly expensive to sigh-of-relief reasonable.

If even the reasonable ones are out of your price range, you can download a Chicago Manual of Style mini-ornament for free (make sure you read the poem too).

Chicago Manual of Style, Minibook tree decoration
Chicago Manual of Style, Minibook tree decoration

The photo of the Tiffany box is courtesy of minxlj / Leanne Johnson. The Tiffany pouch was photographed by Olivia Dougan Naio. The CMoS photos were supplied by staff at The University of Chicago Press.

 By Marian Dougan

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