Online newspapers: to pay or not to pay

In today’s earlier post I mentioned that The Sunday TImes will be charging users for online access, starting in June 2010. Depending, I assume, on readers’ reactions, other newspapers and magazine will follow suit.

How do you feel about paying for online access to your favourite paper? And how often would you prefer to pay? (Feel free to comment using the “other” field).

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By Marian Dougan

4 Responses

  1. I’m against paying for online newspapers, because they are a useful resource, even for language students. I know teachers who make students read them and/or translate them. Access to free online information should be a right. If I want a printed copy of a newspaper I could still buy it, but I prefer reading newspapers online instead of spending money for them.

  2. I think it’s inevitable that payment for online papers arrives. It’s a pity but it may just give a new lease of life to offline ones. A shudder went through me when I heard how much The Guardian is losing each day and that’s not sustainable. What do others think? Preference for online or ‘the real thing’? (Oops, I’m letting my preference show!)

    1. I too think it’s inevitable. But I think it’ll be important for the papers to make the payment process, when it comes, as painless and user-friendly as possible. I’ve signed up for the free trial period with the new Sunday Times site. It looks pretty impressive…but we still buy the “real thing”.

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