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One of the things I like about Twitter (and there are lots) is that nearly all the translators I follow there seem to love their jobs. I don’t know if there’s some sort of self-selection going on here, with translators who embrace social media being more engaged with and enthused by their work.

There’s the occasional grumble of course, about rates, difficult clients or Italian bureaucracy (from me!). But that’s good, too – we all need a chance to vent. And most of the gripes are tweeted in exasperation, not the bored disenchantment that some people seem to feel about their jobs.

I though it might be interesting to run a poll (or rather, 2 polls) to find out if there’s any link between job satisfaction and Twitter-use. The first is for translators, because they’re the folk I’ve noticed twittering away most enthusiastically about their work. The second is for everyone else, with apologies for lumping you all together (please indicate your job in the “other” field or in the comments. Thanks!).

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By Marian Dougan

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