Glasgow’s times past

Cling on, Cherub

Looking for “doon the watter” links for my “Coping with Sandy” post, I discovered an amazing blog for anyone living in, from or interested in Glasgow. It’s called “Glasgow History” and describes the “Achievements and Archive Photographs of this Great Scottish City”.

Glasgow’s politicians and planners have done unforgivable damage to the city and in so doing have made it a lot less great. Anyone who can remember Sauchiehall Street,  St. Enoch’s Square or Charing Cross as they used to be will know what I mean.

Anyway, Glasgow History is a marvellous resource and a great excuse for a wallow in nostalgia.

The photo, “Cling on, Cherub”, shows a lovely detail from an abandoned building in Glasgow. It was taken by The Justified Sinner, who takes an equally sour view of the city fathers (and mothers too, I suppose) and the damage they’ve done.

By Marian Dougan

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