For words to even better effect – just add music

Tommaso Chiarolini, an Italian designer and illustrator now based in Edinburgh, sent me this link. It’s from Playing for Change: Peace through Music and it cheered me up on a wet and grey May Day. I hope it does the same for you.

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  1. Good idea Marian – I think I’ll have a bit o’ chocolate myself to get the motors whirring. Passed G. your whiskey tip but he was already ahead of you. Got that one on the shelf already (Old Pulteney 17), and agrees it’s great with a nice bitter chocolate. He does like the idea of that whiskey/chocolate tasting…. when, sez he?

    1. Two chocolate-whisky tastings would be great – one in Rome and one in Scotland… I’m impressed that Giorgio knows the Old Pulteney – obviously knows his stuff!

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