Faster typing and fewer typos

miss USA mediumA productivity tip on typing expansion software “From the Desk of David Pogue” at the New York Times. Typing expansion applications work like Microsoft Office’s “AutoCorrect” feature but are system-wide and include a web-address shortening function:

“Just copy some huge address, for example, and then type ‘/bitly’ into any program; TextExpander pastes in a tiny URL (like without your having to open your Web browser and visit a URL-shortening site. It’s fantastic if you use Twitter, where every character counts”.

In addition to speed, typing expansion also cuts down on typos – as long as you type your entries in correctly in the first place.

My problem with typing expansion is remembering which abbreviation I’ve assigned to what. Distinctive words are easy: intnat = international, devt = development, minfa = Ministry of Foreign Affairs, emp = employment. It’s the small, everyday words like “the”, “this”, “here” or “there” that get me. David seems to have it down to a fine art; I guess I need to hone my shortening skills.

You can read David’s article here.

Picture courtesy of Michal Hadassah

By Marian Dougan

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