Floundering in fonts

How do graphic designers do it?

I’m working on a new logo, for personal rather than business use. Or rather, Zoë Shuttleworth of Rude Goose is working on it, and I’m no doubt driving her round the bend with my contradictory input.

This probably sounds like a vanity project but there’s a motivational reason behind it. I badly need to get my papers sorted out in a clear, rational manner: separating the business from the personal from the household files. I’m a great believer in the power of a good logo. So, my thinking is, if I’ve got a gorgeous logo on my file boxes, I’ll be more inclined to actually file stuff away in them. I can but hope…

Anyway, I’ve been looking at typography websites this afternoon and I just don’t know how designers ever make a choice. There are so many gorgeous fonts out there — I could spend my whole day looking at them.

How do you do it, designers? Have you got a mental categorisation method? Favourite sites? I’d love to know!

By Marian Dougan

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  1. I used to do freelance work for a mega multinational – they had ‘slugged’ Powerpoint or Lotus notes or whatever to offer only 4 fonts, otherwise they found that their highly paid staff were wasting time pratting about with a million horrible fonts . .

    1. I remember when they first introduced Windows to the British Embassy in Rome. I hate to think how many people-hours of work were wasted creating evermore elaborate screensavers. Management eventually put their feet down and ordered us all to use the Foreign and Commonwealth Office logo. Dull days.

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