Don’t be stupid, girls. And don’t be stupid, BBC Radio Scotland

Well, that’s International Women’s Day over for 2012. I’m not a big fan of this particular “day” because I think that on 9 March, after all the fine words and the gifts of mimosa (in Italy, at any rate), everything just goes back to normal.

I also think that girls and women in the (still relatively) affluent world can sometimes – just sometimes – be their own worst enemies. So here’s a track by Pink that Janice Forsyth posted on Twitter this morning. It’s a track that girls of all ages can listen to, and hopefully learn from, 365(6) days of the year.

Stupid Girls, by Pink

By the way, BBC Radio Scotland is axing Janice’s show this summer so that they can provide more sports (and news) coverage. Once the Olympics are out of the way, “sport” will no doubt revert to its official meaning of football. And we already have wall-to-wall football on the main Scottish radio channels on Saturday afternoons. So, come on BBC Scotland: prove your women-friendly credentials and give us more Janice, less football. Sign the petition if you’d like Janice’s programme to be retained. Thank you.

By Marian Dougan

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