Christmas gifts for book-lovers (and translators!)

Books  always make wonderful Christmas presents. They can be beautiful objects in themselves, so lovely to open on Christmas morning. And then there’s the lasting pleasure as you read, enjoy, and remember the content.

If you know any translators, they’re sure to appreciate a book from Peirene Press or Hersilia Press — two publishing houses that specialise in books in translation.

Hersilia Press is “an independent publisher bringing you the best of Italian crime fiction”. They say on their website:

A writer is like a composer and the translator is the performer — there is a high level of skill in both, and both have to do a good job for the performance to be of good quality.

Music to translators’ ears!

So if you know someone who’s caught the Montalbano bug, then you should find the ideal gift to broaden their crime horizon at Hersilia.

Peirene Press is

an award-winning boutique publishing house with an extra twist, based in London. We are committed to first class European literature in high quality translation.

They offer contemporary European literature that is “thought provoking, well designed, short”. Once again, Peirene is offering subscription gift packages for Christmas 2012.

Give the gift of translation!

By Marian Dougan

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