Christmas books for Mac users

Macs are great computers but we don’t always use (or even know about) their full potential.

If you know someone who’s recently bought a Mac, or who’s had their Mac for ages but doesn’t use it to full effect (who does?), then a Peachpit Press user guide might make a good present.

I know — a computer manual isn’t what you’d expect to find underneath the Christmas tree. But Peachpit’s guides are written in an ungeeky, user-friendly style — especially those by the wonderful Robin Williams. Who is not a comedian or actor but an expert in design, typography, Shakespeare, and all things Mac. Her books convey all the delights of using a Mac and are themselves a delight to read.

By Marian Dougan

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  1. Talking about using Macs to their full potential the latest version of Mac software, Mountain Lion (≈€18), has inbuilt dictation software that works in Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Spanish, all with regional variations. It can be used straightaway (doesn’t need any training to get used to your voice) and results are good: very little correction is needed. Best of all it works anywhere where you need to type text (word processor, e-mail, internet search engine etc), including in CAT tools!

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