Book covers (2): an archive of book cover designs and designers…

…for the purpose of appreciation and categorisation. Or, if you like book covers, a website to get lost in: The Book Cover ArchiveBook cover archive – screen shot of home page

The beautifully designed Archive is run by Ben Pieratt of General Projects and Eric Jacobsen of Whisky Van Gogh Go.

You can search the archive by designer, title, author, art director, photographer, illustrator, genre, publication date, publisher or typeface.

A search by book gives you:

"Gabriel Garcia Marquez - the early years", screen shot of cover

and filtering by typeface gives:

Book cover archive, filtered by typefact – century gothic

The site provides links to book cover design and designer sites. It also has adverts, but so unobtrusive they’re almost invisible – and the more effective for that.

By Marian Dougan

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  1. What a wonderful website! Thank you for pointing it out. I love book covers so much that I often buy books that I know perfectly well I have two of back home. The Vintage Classic ones are amazing as are Coralie Bickford Smith’s designs for Penguin.

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