Web-writing workshops and presentations

Web-writing skills are vital for anyone writing and up-dating their own web copy. At our web-writing workshops, you'll learn about:

  • writing or adapting effective web copy for your own or your clients’ websites
  • writing clearly and concisely without “dumbing down”
  • usability and accessibility issues, and how to understand your readers’ needs
  • document layout, fonts and formatting, and their importance in creating good web content
  • the importance of good copy for search-engine optimisation (SEO).

Our workshops:

  • range from half-day sessions to longer programmes based on your training needs and schedule
  • can be held in your workplace or in dedicated business centres
  • are suitable for large or small businesses (including sole traders, singly or in groups), professional practices and public sector organisations.

Talks and presentations: web-writing and business

We’d be happy to speak at your conference or event to explain how good writing, quality translations and effective communication can help you reach a wider audience and gain a competitive edge, both nationally and at the international level.

To discuss your training needs and find out how to write great web-copy that's persuasive and makes a positive impact, please get in touch by phone, email or post.