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We publish a newsletter containing language information and news. The archive versions are listed below: you can read them online or download them in PDF format. You can also read our newsletters in Italian.

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July: Top 100 Language Blogs, Events with an Italian Flavour and Art Attacks.

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JuneVote for your favourite language blog, Training and Funding, SEO, Events with an Italian flavour, Forth Bridge. 
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February : Who loves ya, baby? DNA Language does!
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December: Christmas and New Year Greetings from DNA Language.
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December: A Christmas offer (and a great cup of coffee!) from DNA Language.
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December: The word of the year… and a tender question.
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November: Happy St. Andrew's Day from DNA Language.
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May-June: Tourism with a Scottish-Italian flavour: Scottish destinations with historic links to Italy – Part 2.
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May: Exhibitions with a Scottish-Italian flavour; Tourism, translation and Language – May 2012 - Part 1.
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AprilHow to be credible and persuade people… language counts! 
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FebruaryDNA (loves) Language: Valentine's Day Newsletter. Damp squids and the language of politics. 
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FebruaryLeaping Ahead with DNA Language – and a message from the President of Italy! 
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