“The President was delighted with DNA Language: truly excellent work. He was so enthusiastic about it!”

“Marian has an uncanny ability to translate not just the words and the texts but the thinking behind them. In my 39 years of diplomatic experience she is one of the absolute best translators from Italian to English – not an easy endeavour – I have come across.”

“After reading through the text carefully, I'd like to say just how much we appreciate your input. A truly excellent and scrupulous piece of work, for which we're very grateful”.

I want to thank you for your input – it’s been more than valuable. You’ve always been ready to help, responsive and super-professional. And you’ve always produced such excellent work”.

“Thanks so much for your (as always) excellent work”.

I feel it's very important to respect and value other people's work. And yours in particular has always been truly excellent: your professionalism and your helpful attitude. So thank you once again…


“Thanks, Marian, it's great to know we can always count on you”.


Thanks Marian, as usual very helpful!!!!! If you didn't exist we'd need to invent you!!!!!!!!!!!!!” 

“Thanks so much for the fantastic translation. I just knew I could trust you to do a great job – and I was right!”

“You translate so well – and into such beautiful English!”