DNA Language: translations and web-writing in English, French and Italian

DNA Language is owned and managed by Marian Dougan. Our core business consists of translations into and from English, Italian and French; editing and proofreading, web-writing and web-writing workshops.

For customers needing a wider package of services, we work with a select team of highly experienced associates, each with their own area of expertise. From translation and interpreting to copy-writing, graphic design, web design and development, and marketing.

We’re a very small company as we prefer to keep our overheads and admin down (oh, how we hate admin!) and focus on what we love and are good at – language and helping people communicate and create connections, especially international connections. That's a double win for you: we can pass on our cost-savings, and we devote less of our time to paperwork and more to providing a great service. 

The company is based in Glasgow, Scotland, but has strong links with Italy. Marian lived in Italy (Taranto, Rome and Anzio) for over 20 years.

And the link continues. Our registered office in Bearsden is less than a mile from the Antonine Wall, a Unesco World Heritage site marking the northernmost limits of the Roman Empire. And our local high street is Roman Road, just a few hundred yards from the Roman bath-house.

Why DNA Language? Because language is our business. And because quality communication is in our DNA.