Our brand

Our logo and brand, and this website, were designed by the wonderful Zoë Shuttleworth of Rude Goose. Here’s how Zoë describes the brand:

DNA Language Ltd are providers of translationweb-writing and usabilityediting and training services in English and Italian. Their offering is a unique combination of the quality, clarity and precision essential in their industry, with a deep understanding of cultural and creative nuance.

The DNA Language identity design embodies this tension between precision and creativity, clarity and flair with a juxtaposition of contrasting fonts and careful use of the bold red/pink colour in an otherwise very restricted, neutral palette.

A discipline that shares this combination of precision and professionalism with creativity and beauty is architecture. The photographic images used to support the DNA Language identity all show architectural stone detail that alludes to these qualities, and also to European cultural and historic identity.

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves!